Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management will introduce you to the basic components of project management . This course will also discuss contemporary project management aspects to help with the learning of contents for the individual.

Fundamentals of Project Management will provide you with the skills required to be a project manager, outlining what is meant by project management, the benefits and risks of projects, as well as reasons projects fail. This course will teach you how to overcome the risks of projects and how to effectively prioritise in a project.

The course is outlined below with the key points that will be covered.

Topics covered:

  • what is a project
  • what is meant by project management
  • role of a project manager
  • benefits of projects
  • reasons projects fail
  • project lifecycle
  • eight aspects of a project
  • prioritising
  • risks
  • project planning tools
  • project management certifications and pathways
  • project management resources

Cost: $130 (inc GST)

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